Tru christian dating service

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I ended up abandoning both sites within a week of creating profiles.

I also couldn’t into a certain Christian dating website that uses trite applications of scripture for marketing purposes.) girl — the girl who gets labeled ‘desperate’ because she tries unconventional dating methods.

Most of the matches I received, particularly through Hinge, were great guys … Against my better judgment, I went on two dates with a couple of guys who weren’t Christian.

They were aware my beliefs, and seemed curious to know more.

Consequently, finding Christian men on the app is like a treasure hunt that’s not so fun.

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The app creators claim to use technology that match you with friends of friends, but I’m calling their bluff based on the overwhelming number of matches I’ve received with zero mutual friends.One the other side are those who think online dating could be another way for divine providence to bring people together.Lurking somewhere in the middle are those who are neutral, as they don’t see an inherent wrong in using such services to meet new people. I think the use of online dating boils down to a heart issue: Are you using them out of desperation because you want to take advantage of the perceived control you have over your love life, or are you using them because you want to expand your network while trusting in God’s timing for potential relationships?So I thought I could use online dating to expand my network, even if the dates didn’t result in marriage.I didn’t embark on my online dating journey blindly.

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