Superficial dating

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A digital smorgasbord of movies, music and TV shows are available at the click of a button - but still we complain we can’t find anything to watch.

But this is the world we inhabit: we can afford to keep swiping because there will always be more options. We are spoilt by choice in every aspect of our lives.

Yet, the free market economy with its abundance of choice has led to paralysis not liberation.

The “bigger, better, more” consumer culture means we can source practically anything we want from an infinitely stocked online marketplace.

The premise seems great on the surface, but users may not want to invest a lot of time into it only to see that they're not physically attracted to their matches.

However, since Taffy just launched today for i OS (an Android version is still in the works), it's too early to see what sort of crowd it draws.

While Tinder users may be accustomed to making decisions based solely on looks, Taffy won't show matches' faces until you've gotten to know them a little better. The real thing gets revealed after what's supposed to be some meaningful interaction.

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And what happens is this imagined alternative induces you to regret the decision you made, even if it was a good decision. Make choices beyond the superficial and look for connection rather than attraction. As trite as that may sound, it is the most important choice of all. From movies on love to documentaries about dating, visit SBS On Demand to view the entire collection.

Nope.” There’s nothing like a dating app to make you confront just how shallow you really are.

Here are seven techniques you can try from the realm of positive psychology, spirituality, meditation and nutrition that imitate the sensation of love.

How do you know the partner of your dreams is not just a few more swipes away? With new players like Happn – which only matches users with people they’ve recently been near – there is the added pressure of knowing you may have just walked past the potential love of your life on the street.

But this is the world we inhabit: we can afford to keep swiping because there will always be more options. chat to the 15 people you’ve already matched with, or you could keep searching for someone better.

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