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Emma was released several hours later and the couple called it 'an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding' that they were working together to move past.

Notable acting credits: Sarah Trent on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit; Mel Burke on Melissa & Joey; K. Moss in The Mysteries of Laura; Jennifer in My Fake Fiancé; Grace Wesley in God's Not Dead 2Relationship status: Melissa has been married to musician Mark Wilkerson since 2003.

A couple of months later, Amanda was detained in front of a stranger's house where she had started a small fire in the driveway, and later hospitalized so she could receive 'specialized treatment' for her mental health issues.

Almost a year after her release, Amanda made a second visit to treatment after making accusations via Twitter that her father sexually abused her as a child; she later tweeted that it wasn't true and her dad had implanted a microchip in her brain that forced her to say it.

By May, Amanda was arrested for criminal possession of marijuana, attempted tampering with evidence and reckless endangerment.

Although police actually saw her throwing a bong from the window of her apartment, she claimed that what she threw was a vase.

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