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Regardless of one’s political party orientation, we need to start acting like adults on a national political level.

People can certainly disagree about how to accomplish policy objectives, but “reality and truth” are not relativistic in these areas.

I am similarly frustrated and perplexed by the large number of politicians, and citizens, who are able to pretend that global warming is not happening all around them. I can understand why oil companies and other fossil fuel burning technologies want to downplay it, but the facts and reality of it are obvious and incontrovertible.

We have unleashed natural processes that can cripple our planet and our future.

I guarantee that this reality will become one of our most significant national security issues in the years ahead.

Again, I am befuddled by our inability to even begin to deal with these issues politically. Alternative energy needs to be encouraged, fossil fuel energy discouraged.

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We all grieve for the horrifically senseless massacre in Colorado.Senator Frank Lautenberg has proposed a ten round clip limit as being reasonable for these functions.Whether the limit is ten, fifteen, or twenty, what I think is obvious, is that only the military should have access to assault weapons and all related kinds of firepower.We used to embrace the notion that a rising tide lifts all ships.We need to decide what kind of society we want to live in, to leave our children, and build towards it. I think we’ve gone way past the point where time is on our side. Bi-partisanship used to mean a recognition that the common good most likely required everyone to compromise.

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