Gay dating ad banned from super bowl

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"Then Friday evening they called and said the NFL had an issue with the logo. And then at 1 o'clock [Monday] we were notified by Fox that the NFL had rejected us, our commercial and rejected us as an advertiser in the Super Bowl.

And that was the first we had heard there was any concern with GNC’s participation."The NFL has a history of rejecting Super Bowl commercials that can appear to be polarizing to their brand.

Those supplements are DHEA, an anabolic agent, and the stimulant synephrine.In the spot, Megan Fox soaks in a bubble-filled tub as she takes a photo of herself with her phone.Then she wonders what would happen if she sent it out.I already did my mother.” Why it was banned: For some reason, CBS thought it best to stay away from a gentle implied incest joke. “Blind Date,” Smart Beep (1999) The ad: A woman lets one rip in the car before her blind date, only to realize it was a double blind date and the other couple was in the backseat…the whole time.Why it was banned: Apparently, Fox execs thought the beeper service’s fart joke was too much.

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