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No need to worry that your seniors may have difficulty in using.Reolink Keen is truly an easy-to-use camera for elderly with its plug and play feature.You can easily log into the free Reolink App on your smartphone and check the quality of caregivers’ job. The setup can be completed in just several minutes — an optimal option as a security camera for technically challenged parents.You can also listen to and talk with your loved parents via the two-way audio function of this smart elderly security camera.The legality of nanny cam for elderly in nursing home varies from state to state.In Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas, you can legally put a granny cam in your senior’s nursing-home room.You can get wide viewing angle to watch the seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia, ensuring that they aren’t wandering off or endangering themselves in any way.It features smart elderly monitoring and alert system with its PIR motion sensor, which enables you to receive real-time alerts in case of any emergencies.

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Well, the answer varies with different circumstances.The products Keen and C1 Pro are both great options as elderly monitoring cameras for you.Reolink Keen is the world’s first pan and tilt Wi Fi security camera powered by batteries.You can place the cameras in different rooms based on your needs.For example, the security camera for elderly care can be installed on the kitchen to see whether your elderly parents are eating or taking medication on time. You can watch live video from afar on your phone or computer. If you miss the live video on your phone or computer, you can replay the videos on different days or hours.

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