Dating my neibors mom

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I try to get to this group sometime each day so please keep us updated. He doesn't have the OPSTD down and I found out why.My medical doctor never got the records from the last doctor so my psychiatrist never got ANY records from this one and is just treating me how he sees me.A lady who is going through daily beatings by her hubby wanted to contribute and share her experience but called me to say she couldnt because her spouse/abuser has told her if she contributes he will know .............. Ongoing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by my previous medical doctor. I have no therapist right now, they refuse to give me one. I am so tired from not sleeping good or my meds make me tired. Sometimes my mom and dad are making me feel more miserable.I don't do well in groups and making me go to two. My friend died in April and boyfriend broke up with me too. I decided I can't be friends with my only friend who is an alchoholic and drug attic... He always yells at me, always , I can't take it anymore. I can't do anything to myself because of them. I want to stay in bed all day, or at least the apartment.He refuses to get heath insurance and needs his high mg of synthroid. I also get very upset when hear icecream trucks, seeing kids, baby diapers, pregnancy tests. I'm even having a hard time making friends on the other forum.

I am at the age where I know I will never have kids, I hate my life.And YES, you can certainly speak of this Stress on the Depression site, stress is a big cause of depression, so don't worry about little things like that, okay?I promise i will write back to you very soon, and will possibly send private depending on what i find that may help you, but it's always good to be able to help others if at all possible, so that is a reason to post replies so people can read.YOU hang in there honey and know there is some help and I will do whatever i can to help you find some. Can you tell me what kind of insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, you are on?That helps a bit in researching possible answers for this terrible depression you are suffering.

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