Dating man with custody divorced

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The kids can be manipulative as she is at times and after years of being used as live bait, Well lets see who they grow into.But I can honestly say after seeing all this and going through this I now think twice when I hear a man being bashed for walking away from thier kids. What situation is better for them when you go with out, do everything you can and still are nothing but a plane ticket and a disrespected pawn?

Many women knowingly date these men and then get upset when he does not have the money or the time to spend on them.Any decent man will put his kids first before your relationship.If you are not willing to accept the baggage that comes with dating a divorced man you should date someone who has never been married."If they hold hands, kiss each other — those are signs of a healthy relationship."The fear of missing the perks of marriage can be enough to dissuade some from filing for divorce."There are many benefits that disappear once you are no longer married," says Neena Tankha, a family law attorney and partner at Warshaw Burstein LLP in New York.

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